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Omit Obesity


#OmitObesity is an initiative of Mohak Bariatrics & Robotics on the occasion of World Obesity Day to spread the awareness about the consequences of obesity. You are invited to participate in this campaign and take a pledge to #OmitObesity by adopting atleast one healthy habit.

Different people need different actions to #OmitObesity from their lives. So here are some pledge that you can take or you can create the one according to your BMI and lifestyle. Participate now!
  • I pledge to cut down fat, sugar and salt from my diet
  • I pledge to introduce yoga into my daily routine
  • I pledge to start the brisk walk of at least 30 minutes per day
  • I pledge to stop overeating
  • I pledge to prefer staircase over lift
  • I pledge to take a proper and healthy meal
  • I pledge to not skip my breakfast
  • I pledge that I won’t treat my stomach as garbage bin
  • I pledge that I won’t pour the pounds anymore
  • I pledge to ditch the junk and eat healthily
  • I pledge to chew my food well to lower down the calorie intake
  • I pledge to keep a regular check on my calories
  • I pledge to reschedule my living and eating habits
  • I pledge to increase the water intake per day
  • I pledge to introduce more veggies into my daily diet
  • I pledge to work harder on my health goals
  • I pledge to avoid under eating as it simply leads to overeating
  • I pledge to sit less and move more
  • I pledge to build a sincere exercise routine
  • I pledge to stop my close ones from eating unhealthy
  • I pledge to encourage my family for home-made food
  • I pledge to limit myself from taking the fast food
  • I pledge to take more fruits and juices every day
  • I pledge to introduce a no fat milk in my diet
  • I pledge to start my day with green tea
  • I pledge to make my girl more active in sports
  • I pledge to curb the sedentary time of my kids
  • I pledge to modify the diet plan for my whole family
  • I pledge to add more physical activity in routine
  • I pledge to keep a watch on the eating habit of my kids to not let obesity knock

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