Rain – The Season of Depression for an Obese

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  • Rain – The Season of Depression for an Obese

Rain is the season when nature is at its best. People go for outing. Eatables like Bhajiya & Samosa are on high demand. And people get in the romantic zone. But unfortunately this is the season of depression for most of the obesity patients. Following are the common causes of depression for an obese in the season of rain –

  • Negative Image Building – Seeing everything beautiful around they tend to create a negative image of themselves and feel bad inside.
  • Food Cravings – Rainy season causes special cravings for oily food along with tea and coffee which in turn add more fat and sugar in the diet. Satisfying such cravings may cause guilt, and on the other hand, avoiding them bases the feeling of helplessness.
  • Dissatisfaction, Sadness & Frustration – While the weather is all set to take everyone in the romantic mode, inability or lack of performance on bed can cause real depression for an obese patients.
  • Social Isolation – At times, friends avoid considering obese people in outing plans and that hurts them. Also on outings, there are sports and activities that give social isolation to obese because of their inability to take part.

No more sad monsoons –

Plan for a bariatric surgery in this season as this is the perfect season to motivate you for a better future. Consult a bariatric surgeon now and get rid of obesity.