"After being refused by all the reputed obesity surgery centres of the country, I finally landed at Mohak Bariatrics. I had all complications of obesity - Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension & Dyslipidemia. I required a non invasive ventilator to support my breathing. I took more than 100 consultations at all hospitals of the country for the treatment of my sleep apnea but it was futile. Today after being operated, I weigh 90kg & free from all ailments. I owe this new life to Dr. Mohit Bhandari . He and his dedicated & experienced team had the courage to operate upon a very high-risk case like me & deliver perfect result."

Note - The treatment applied on the above mentioned patient may or may not give exactly similar results to others. Surgery procedure is prescribed differently to every patient after consultation with surgeon and the results may vary from patient to patient.