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Learn what is bariatric surgery
and how it aids in weight loss
improving medical conditions,
and enhancing the overall quality of life.

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    Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective ways of dealing with obesity and results in greater weight loss than conventional treatment. Bariatric surgery helps you lose weight by making changes to your digestive system. A few types of bariatric surgeries make your stomach smaller, enabling you to eat and drink less at one time and making you feel full sooner. Other bariatric surgeries additionally change your small intestine—the part of your body that absorbs calories and nutrients from foods and beverages.

    How can you get started?

    At, Mohak Bariatrics & Robotics, our expert bariatric surgeon, Dr. Mohit Bhandari will have open and honest conversations with you and help you choose the right bariatric surgery that best fits your personality and lifestyle.

    Dr. Mohit Bhandari is one of the best weight loss surgeons in India who has a decade-long experience in bariatric surgery and consistently does 100+ surgeries every month.

    Our Success Stories

    • Burhanuddin Hamid
    • Hetal Patel
    • Hardik Patel
    • Ravindra Jha
    • Mohsin Saya
    • Aarohi Pradeep Yadwani
    • Tukaram Narayan Varkar
    • Arun Kumar Katiyar

    Meet the team

    Dr. Mohit Bhandari

    Director- Founder & Cheif Surgeon

    Dr. Mohit Bhandari is an eminent Bariatric, Metabolic and Robotic Surgeon of India. He is known for his work in laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgery. He was one of the first to perform robotic bariatric surgery in India and to perform Single anastomosis duodenal-Ileal Switch. Bhandari is also the youngest surgeon to perform 8000+ bariatric surgeries as well as 500+ robotic surgeries. Bhandari entered the Limca Book of Records in 2015 by performing 25 bariatric surgeries in an 11-hour period, performing the feat with the help of a 40 person team. He is the youngest surgeon of the country to perform the highest number of cases in obesity in 6 years.
    Dr. Mohit Bhandari has demonstrated live surgeries in more than 100 surgical workshop. He is the only bariatric surgeon to have operated internationally at Frankfurt, Australia, Taiwan and London.

    Dr. Mathias A. Fobi

    Director of Clinical Affiars and Research

    Internationally recognized US based bariatric surgeon- Dr. Mathias A. Fobi has made thousands in USA, including many Hollywood heavyweights leaner and fitter. His patented inventions and procedures are helping surgeons across the globe, and his surgeries brought smiles on thousands of faces. he was the President of the International Federation for Surgery of Obesity 2008-09, the past President of the California Chapter of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, the President of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Foundation 2006-08. Dr. Fobi has several articles published on obesity and surgical treatment for obesity. His research has appeared in Journal of the American Medical Association. His signature surgery, “The Fobi Pouch,” is a version of the stomach-shrinking gastric bypass and it is now used around the world for the treatment of obesity.

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